Lore Classes: Sleep Better with Herbal Remedies

In our society, many people find that it is difficult to get a restful deep sleep with the amount of stress, so many things on our mind, and busy lifestyles. During this class, we will discuss a handful of useful, local, and global herbs that can benefit our sleep patterns ranging from trouble falling asleep to insomnia. Additionally, how to actually use various herbs and implement other techniques that can be used to foster deep and restful sleep will be explored.

During the class...
  • Enjoy a hand crafted tea blend
  • Learn about & how to use various herbs for sleep
  • Create and take home a small herbal sleep sachet for your bedside to promote sleep

Bridget from Bridget's Botanicals will be teaching this class. Join us on September 7th from 7-8.30pm. Tickets available here.

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